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This page lists books about birds and birdwatching in the US state of Arkansas.

The books are arranged by publication date with the most recent at the top of the page.


For bird books that cover all, or a large part of, the USA see the following page:

USA bird books


Midwestern Birds: Backyard Guide

Bill Thompson III

Cool Springs Press


"Written by Bill Thompson III, the editor and co-publisher of Bird Watcher's Digest, this portable 5"x8" book contains the same variety of entertaining and informative entries that make Bird Watcher's Digest the nation's most popular birding magazine. Inside, you'll find profiles of the 55 most common birds in the Midwest, complete with large color photos, gender-specific physical descriptions, nesting and feeding information, bird call particulars, and interesting stories about each species. Thompson also introduces the reader to the basics of bird watching: essential gear, bird-friendly food and plantings, housing tips, and observational techniques. This guide covers Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska."

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Birds of Arkansas: Field Guide

Stan Tekiela

Adventure Publishing


"The full-page, color photos are incomparable and include insets of winter plumage, color morphs and more. Plus, with the easy-to-use format, you don't need to know a bird's name or classification in order to easily find it in the book. Using this field guide is a real pleasure. It's a great way for anyone to learn about the birds in your state."

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Arkansas Birds: An Introduction to Familiar Species

James Kavanagh and Raymond Leung

Waterford Press


A laminated, fold-out guide to common bird species found in Arkansas.

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A Birder's Guide to Arkansas

Mel White

American Birding Association


A guide to birding sites plus status and distribution information.

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Arkansas Birds: Their Distribution and Abundance

Douglas A. James and Joseph C. Neal

University of Arkansas Press


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Birds Of Arkansas

Arthur H. Howell

4 b/w plates: Louis Agassiz Fuertes

B/W photographs and maps

Biological Survey Bulletin 38

US Department of Agriculture

Government Printing Office


From the introduction:

Arkansas, although long known as a paradise for sportsmen, has been strangely neglected by ornithologists. No detailed study of the avifauna of the State has hitherto been made and very little on its animal life has been published. In mapping the life zones of the Mississippi Valley the Biological Survey has been hampered by the lack of definite information on the distribution of birds in Arkansas, and in order to obtain the data necessary to complete its maps it was found necessary to make a special investigation of the birds of the State and to compile the published records. Arkansas is remarkable for the abundance and variety of its bird life, and many interesting problems of distribution are presented as a result of its topography and geographical position. Situated in the heart of the Mississippi Valley, it forms part of the great highway of migration for a large majority of the birds of passage which summer in the Northern States and Canada, while it affords a congenial winter resort for myriads of waterfowl and great numbers of the smaller land birds driven south by the severity of more northern climes.
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Last updated January 2014