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Artists For Nature

This page lists books that have been produced as a results of Artists For Nature projects.

For information about the Artists For Nature Foundation, and to buy books and artwork, see the Artists For Nature website.

The books are listed by publication date with the most recent at the top of the page.


Art for the Love of Sark: A Contemporary Portrait of a Changing Island

Renate Zoller

Gateway Publishing / Chris Andrews Publications


"Art for the Love of Sark is published to highlight the beauty and fragility of Sark's unique ecosystem and way of life. This book is a selection of the finest quality reproductions of original artwork produced by award winning artists who visited Sark in 2011. Included is a complimentary DVD (region ALL) about the Island and the artists by international wildlife film maker Hans Rademakers, and a voucher for a complimentary set of six notecards featuring a selection of the artists' work."

Artists include: Carry Akroyd, Kim Atkinson, Denis Clavreul, Jaap Deelder, Piet Eggen, Vadim Gorbatov, Rosanne Guille, Andrew Haslen, Anna Kirk-Smith, Harriet Mead, Bruce Pearson, John Threlfall, Matthew Underwood, Michael Warren, Wolfgang Weber, Darren Woodhead, Tim Wootton, Jonathan Yule

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Drawing Inspiration from the Hula Valley

Zev Labinger and Edna Gorney

Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel / Artists for Nature Foundation


"The artwork in this book forms a unique portrait of the Hula Valley, an important agricultural region in northern Israel. This area is located at the crossroads of Eurasia and Africa and is situated along the Great Rift Valley. It is an area rich in wetlands, woodlands, open fields and mountains, and is a critical stopover, breeding, and wintering site for more than 300 bird species, 20 of which are globally threatened. An estimated 500 million birds pass through here while migrating, which is why the Hula Valley is currently being proposed as the largest UNESCO World Heritage Transnational Serial Nomination. The Israel Ornithological Center of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) teamed up with the International Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF) to produce this book. They brought together 34 artists from around the world to participate in two festivals held during the winter of 2008 and the spring of 2009. The reproductions of their works shows us the Hula Valley in all its splendour."

Artists: Farid Abu Shakra, Amir Balaban, Varda Breger, Keith Brockie, John Busby, Iraida Cano, Jean Chevallier, Denis Clavreul, David Daly, Jaap Deelder, Charles Donker, Paschalis Dougalis, Noam Gonnen, Vadim Gorbatov, Robert Greenhalf, Paul Henery, Zev Labinger, Kioko Mwitiki, Bruce Pearson, Greg Poole, Andrea Rich, Elie Shamir, Robin D. Shillcock, Juan Varela Simů, Barry Van Dusen, Erik Van Ommen, Michael Warren, Wolfgang Weber, Darren Woodhead

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The Great Fen: Artists For Nature In England

Chris Gerrard

Langford Press


"Inspired by the potential of lowland England's most ambitious habitat restoration project, twenty nine artists produced work that shows the riches that hang on in the remnants of fenland. These remnants will be enhanced as the Great Fen Project acquires more land and achieves its first objective of linking Woodwalton Fen and Holme Fen National Nature Reserves. This book features the body of work generated from the artistic reaction to this unique landscape. It shows a variety of styles and topics, ranging across field sketches of birds and other animals, detailed botanical and entomological studies, landscapes that are instantly recognisable and landscapes that are almost abstract, sculptures using scrap metal found in the area, and transient paintings of dragonflies on bog oaks dug from the peat. Their artistic vision matches the vision that has inspired the Great Fen Project."

Artists: Carry Akroyd; Kim Atkinson; Ysbrand Brouwers; Ad Cameron; Corrie Cameron; Iraida Cano; Denis Clavreul; Victoria Crowe; Charles Donker; Barry W. Van Dusen; Piet Eggen; Yvonne Glenister Hammond; Vadim Gorbatov; Andrew Haslen; Jane Leycester Paige; Harriet Mead; John Paige; Peter Partington; Bruce Pearson; Nik Pollard; Darren Rees; Andrea Rich; Chris Rose; Juan Varela Simo; Matt Underwood; Michael Warren; Wolfgang Weber; Darren Woodhead; John Wright; Jonathan Yule

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Sails Wind and Meadow Birds: Mills in the Landscape of Utrecht

(Wieken, Wind & Weidevogels)

Artists for Nature Foundation / The Utrecht Landscape Foundation

Utrechts Landschap


"In this book the artists of The Artists for Nature Foundation, portray 22 mills managed by 'The Utrecht Landscape'.The aim of the Utrecht Landscape is to keep these machines running. Flour Mills grind grain into flour while polder mills help the electric pumps to keep the land dry. ANF has been inspired by these magnificent monuments. The result is this exceptional book portraying the beautiful symbioses of landscape, mills and nature. Sand in the background but always present is man, the miller!"

Artists include: Kim Atkinson, Denis Clavreul, Charles Donker, Piet Eggen, Hans Geuze, Vadim Gorbatov, Robert Greenhalf, Jeroen Hermkens, Hilderie JuriŽns, Jaap te Kiefte, Bruce Pearson, Nik Pollard, Robin D'Arcy Shillcock, Matthew Underwood, Erik van Ommen, Michael Warren, Wolfgang Weber, Sherrie York

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Treasures of the Forgotten Forest: Artists For Nature in the Tumbesian Region of Peru and Ecuador

Robert Williams

Wildlife Art Gallery


"This book is the result of two journeys through the Tumbesian region of Peru and Ecuador by twenty wildlife artists from twelve countries. The artists responded to a request for help from a group of local conservation organisations, Bosques Sin Fronteras (BSF), which is seeking to maintain the biodiversity of the forests of the Tumbesian region. As a first step to raising awareness of the region's importance, Birdlife International, with help from WWF and other interested groups, is supporting the efforts of the Artists for Nature Foundation to help bring attention to the area through art. Some of the world's foremost wildlife artists were invited by Artists for Nature to paint and draw what they saw and witnessed as they travelled through this remarkable land. It is hoped that this compliation of their artworks will help illustrate the wonderful biodiversity of the Tumbesian Region and support the efforts of local groups, to work together for the long-term conservation and sustainable development of this globally important region."

Artists include: Kim Atkinson, Iraida Cano, Denis Clavreul, Jaap Deelder, Charles Donker, Vadim Gorbatov, Lars Jonsson, Bruce Pearson, Nik Pollard, Darren Rees, Chris Rose, Juan Varela Simo, Barry van Dusen, Michael Warren, Wolfgang Weber, Siegfried Woldhek, Darren Woodhead

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Boscos Vells / Mature Forests: Artists for Nature in the Catalan Pyrenees

Artists for Nature Foundation

Lynx Edicions


Bilingual: Catalan/English

"A collection of artwork by internationally renowned nature artists whose source of inspiration is the enchanting beauty of the mature forests of the Catalan Pyrenees, where they gathered in the spring and summer of 2001 with the aim of carrying out this project."

Artists: Robert Bateman, Iraida Cano, Jaap Deelder, Charles Donker, Vadim Gorbatov, Toni Llobet, James McCallum, Dag Peterson, Greg Poole, Dan Powell, Pascale Rentsch, Andrea Rich, Lluis F.Sanz, Colin See-Paynton, Juan Varela Sim, Wolfgang Weber, Darren Woodhead, and Jonathan Yule

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Quadros De Vida / Living Paintings

Artists for Nature in Quinta Do Lago

Quinta Do Lago & SPEA, (Birdlife Portugal)


Bilingual: Portuguese / English

"The artworks of this project celebrate the beauty and importance of the remaining coastal nature and wetlands in the Algarve."

Artists include: Michael Benington, John Busby, Andrew Haslen, Bruce Pearson, Jose Pojecto, Greg Poole, Juan Varela Simo, Michael Warren, Darren Woodhead, Jonathan Yule

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Tigers: Artists for Nature in India

Editor: Nicholas Hammond

Artists for Nature Foundation

Inmerc / Wildlife Art Gallery


Bilingual: English / Dutch

"Central India's Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the last strongholds in the world. The last decade has seen the population of the magical Bangal Tiger plummet. Poaching and destruction of the tiger's habitat are the main reasons of this decline. This unique book documents the group's personal and artistic accounts of the search for the Bengal Tiger."

Artists include: Kim Atkinson, John Busby, Denis Clavreul, Victoria Crowe, Vadim Gorbatov, Kendra Haste, Lars Jonsson, Piet Klaasse, Greg Poole, Tim Prutzer, Barry van Dusen, Wolfgang Weber

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Artists for Nature in Alaska's Copper River Delta

Riki Ott

Artists for Nature Foundation

Inmerc / University Of Washington Press


"Alaska's Copper River Delta visits the largest wetland on the Pacific coast of North America - with its associated rainforests, barrier islands, mountains, and glaciers and its wildlife and human inhabitants -and reveals the delta through the work of 22 artists of 11 countries."

Artists include: Tony Angel, Victor Bakhtin, David Barker, David Bennett, Keith Brockie, Vadim Gorbatov, Andrew Haslen, Piet Klaasse, Dylan Lewis, Pat McGuire, Susan Ogle, John Paige, Colin See Paynton, Bruce Pearson, Andrea Rich, David Rosenthal, Todd Sherman, Tim Shields, Juan Varela Simů, Siegfried Woldhek

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Pour Une Loire Vivante / That The Loire May Live

Artists For Nature Foundation



Bilingual: French / English.

"The Loire remains a unique system of natural habitats from its sources to its estuary. However we urgently need to adopt a new approach to managing the river, one that is less coldly-technical, more ecologically caring, more concerned for future generations."

Artists include: Kim Atkinson, David Barker, Denis Chavigny, Jean Chevallier, Denis Clavreul, David Daly, Sybren de Graaff, Francois Desbordes, Kasobane, Tsunehiko Kuwabara, Yvon Lecorre, Cecile Nivet, Greg Poole, Andrea Rich, Milos Sikora, Zhou Yun

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Artists for Nature in Extremadura

Editor: Nicholas Hammond

Wildlife Art Gallery / Inmerc / Banque Parisbas


Spanish, English, and Dutch editions were published.

"Artists for Nature in Extremadura features a group of international wildlife artists following the migration of cranes to Extremadura in Spain, illustrating their flight across Europe, as well as the wildlife, people and landscapes of Extremadura."

Artists include: Kim Atkinson, Chris Bacon, David Barker, Larry Barth, Victor Bakhtin, Robert Bateman, Victoiria Crowe, Charles Donker, Piet Eggen, Robert Greenhalf, Han van Hagen, Derek Hyatt, Lars Jonsson, Piet Klaasse, Joaquin Lopez Rojas, David Measures, Jeri Niccols-Quinn, Peter Partington, Bruce Pearson, Bernd Poppelmann, Timothy Prutzer, Thomas Quinn, Chris Rose, Lennard Sand, Christopher Schmidt, Hilde Snoeyer, Michael Warren, Sherrie York, Zhou Yun

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Portrait of a Living Marsh: 32 International Artists Visit Northeast Poland

(Leven Tussen Land en Water)

Robin D'Arcy Shillcock

Artists For Nature / WWF International / Vroege Vogels VARA



Published in English and Dutch

"A land, where centuries-old traditions of farming, have existed in harmony with a nature rich in plant and animal life. Here it is still possible to meet with elk, beaver and wolf. Over 230 species of birds can be found, and many plants unique to the area. 32 artists from 15 countries lived for two weeks in a village on the edge of the marshes recording the many memorable sights they found and saw."

Artists include: Kim Atkinson, Larry Barth, Robert Bateman, Keith Brockie, John Busby, Ad Cameron, Jean Chevallier, Denis Clavreul, Tomas Cofta, Victoria Crowe, David Daly, Jaap Deelder, Charles Donker, Piet Eggen, Jon Fjeldsa, Hans Geuze, Vadim Gorbatov, Robert Greenhalf, Andrew Haslen, Alan Johnston, Lawrence McQueen, Peter Partington, Bruce Pearson, Dag Peterson, Darren Rees, Chris Rose, Robin D'Arcy Shillcock, Michael Warren, Siegfried Woldhek

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Wind, Wad & Waterverf: 25 Kunstenaars tekenen en schilderen op Schiermonnikoog

Wereld Natuurfonds WWF / Grasduinen Natuurmonumenten / Artists For Nature

Benjamin & Partners


Published in Dutch

"This is the first publication of ANF. It is a portrait of one of the most pristine barrier islands of the Netherlands. The publication has helped to create the Schiermonnikoog National Park."

Artists: Keith Brockie, John Busby, Ad Cameron, Denis Clavreul, Jaap Deelder, Charles Donker, Julian Friers, Hans Geuze, Vadim Gorbatov, Andrew Haslen, Alan Johnston, Kees de Kiefte, Piet Klaasse, Dag Peterson, Thomas Quinn, Darren Rees, Robin D'Arcy Shillcock, Hendrik Slijper, Freek van Binsbergen, Walty Dudok van Heel, Erik van Ommen, Peter Vos, Michael Warren, Siegfried Woldhek

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