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BOU publications

This page lists British Ornithologists' Union books that are not part of the BOU/BOC checklist series.

The books on this page are listed by publication date with the most recent at the top.

BOU pages

There are two BOU pages on the site:

BOU/BOC checklists

Other BOU publications


The BOU also publishes the quarterly journal Ibis.

For more information about the British Ornithologists' Union and Ibis see the BOU website


Bird Atlas of Uganda

Margaret Carswell, Derek Pomeroy, Jake Reynolds & Herbert Tushabe

British Ornithologists Union / British Ornithologists' Club


"Uganda has a huge diversity of habitats including the source of the River Nile, over a third of Lake Victoria (the world's second largest freshwater lake), many other rivers and wetlands, forests, savannas and mountains. This geographical diversity means that over 1000 bird species have been recorded in Uganda making this one of the most exciting and bird-rich countries on the planet."

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Ecology and Conservation of Lowland Farmland Birds

Editors: N.J. Aebischer, A.D. Evans, P.V. Grice and J.A. Vickery

British Ornithologists Union


"18 papers presented at the BOU's 1999 Spring Conference covering the following three categories: trends, agricultural policy and conservation; effects of farming on birds; and studies of lowland farmland birds."

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The Introduction and Naturalisation of Birds: The proceedings of the BOU's 1995 Annual Conference

Editors: J. S. Holmes and J. R. Simons

British Ornithologists Union


"Birds have been introduced to new regions by humans for centuries, for a wide variety of reasons, but recent years have seen a growing concern over the increasing numbers and variety of introduced birds becoming established in the UK. This book contains papers presented at a recent conference which examine some of the conservation issues surrounding bird species introduced to new areas, or within their natural ranges, both in the UK and elsewhere. Subjects covered include monitoring captive bird populations, escapes, colonisation and hybridisation, and case studies of the ruddy duck and Canada goose."

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Bird Conservation: The Science and the Action

Editors: J. Coulson and Nicola J. Crockford

British Ornithologists Union


The proceedings of BOU's 1994 Annual Conference (6-10 April 1994, Shuttleworth College, Bedfordshire) supported by the British Trust for Ornithology, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. 34 papers are presented, with contributions from leading ornithologists and conservationists from around the world. The conclusions and recommendations are intended to be `a message to influence the role and direction of ornithology in conservation to the year 2000 and beyond'.

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Bird Scaring

John Clorley

British Ornithologists Union


Proceedings of a symposium held at Central Science Laboratory, Slough, 27th October, 1994. The presentation covers two elements: first a broad outline of the legislation covering the protection of birds in Great Britain; Second a brief outline of the effects of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 on bird scarers.

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Archives of Natural History, Volume 20, Part 2

Editor: A. Wheeler

British Ornithologists Union


Presents papers from the History of Ornithology conference, Liverpool, September 1992. The collection of papers comprise many different subjects and approaches covering a wide period of history, from ancient but previously unpublished pictures of the Dodo to the adventures of the first class naturalist but socially doomed John MacGillivray.

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Checklist of Birds of Britain and Ireland

Compiler: A. G. Knox

British Ornithologists Union

1992 (revised ed)

"Latest edition of this standard checklist, important because for the first time it includes the new English names suggested for British birds. Systematic list gives family, English and scientific name, races and subspecies, species category and species status. Includes full checklist with room for notes."

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The Ecology and Conservation of Palaearctic-African Migrants

Editors: H.Q.P. Crick and P.J. Jones

British Ornithologists Union


Papers from the Conference organised by the British Ornithologists' Union, British Trust for Ornithology, and International Council for Bird Preservation, 4-7 April 1991, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. Contents: The breeding grounds; migration; the wintering grounds; populations.

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List of Recent Holarctic Bird Species

K. H. Voous

British Ornithologists Union


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The Ornithologists' Guide

Editor: Maj.-Gen. H. P. W. Hutson

British Ornithologists' Union


"How to watch, What to watch, Where to watch."

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