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British Trust ForOrnithology:
Conservation Advice Notes

This page lists the Conservation Advice Notes published by the BTO. The publications are listed by date with the most recent at the top.

"BTO Conservation Advice Notes bring together the latest research findings on topics of conservation and policy interest, providing practitioners, policymakers and others with the information that they need."

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Managing Scrub for Nightingales

Conservation Advice No. 1

British Trust for Ornithology


"The Nightingale is a very well known, yet rarely seen, bird that is found across parts of southern England. It favours scrub and woodland habitats for breeding and its populations are known to be particularly sensitive to changes in the structure of woodland vegetation. This guide draws on BTO research to highlight the requirements of this scarce bird for nesting habitat and provides advice on how to manage scrub habitats for the benefit of Nightingales.

Anglia Water has been working with the BTO to research why Nightingales have declined by a staggering 90% in the UK since the 1960s and to share the effective habitat management practices developed on Anglian Water sites."

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Last updated February 2017