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Books about Batis

This page lists books that are totally or partially about Batis. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.


Family: Platysteiridae
Genus: Batis

The Batis are a genus of sub-Saharan African passerines.

Margaret's Batis
Batis margaritae

Forest Batis
Batis mixta

Dark Batis
Batis crypta

Ruwenzori Batis
Batis diops

Cape Batis
Batis capensis

Woodward's Batis
Batis fratrum

Chinspot Batis
Batis molitor

Pale Batis
Batis soror

Pririt Batis
Batis pririt

Senegal Batis
Batis senegalensis

Grey-headed Batis
Batis orientalis

Black-headed Batis
Batis minor

Pygmy Batis
Batis perkeo

Gabon Batis
Batis minima

Ituri Batis
Batis ituriensis

Fernando Po Batis
Batis poensis

West African Batis
Batis occulta

Angola Batis
Batis minulla

The Platysteiridae family also includes wattle-eyes and shrike-flycatchers.


Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 11: Old World Flycatchers to Old World Warblers

Editors: Josep Del Hoyo, Andrew Elliot and David Christie

Lynx Edicions


800 pages, 55 colour plates, over 300 photographs, 723 distribution maps.

This volume covers old world flycatchers, wattle-eyes, fantails, monarch-flycatchers, kinglets, gnatcatchers, cisticolas and allies and old world warblers.

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Shrikes and Bush-shrikes: Including Wood-shrikes, Helmet-shrikes, Shrike Flycatchers, Philentoemas, Batises and Wattle-eyes

Tony Harris

Illustrations: Kim Franklin

Helm Identification Guides

Christopher Helm


"This book covers 114 species within the families Laniidae and Malaconotidae. 41 colour plates depict all species showing differences in sex, age, geographical variation, and flight pattern. The plates are accompanied by identification captions and colour distribution maps. The text includes individual species accounts with sections on field identification, plumage, geographical variation, distribution, movements. general and foraging behaviour, food, sounds and breeding behaviour."

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Shrikes and Bush-shrikes: Including Wood-shrikes, Helmet-shrikes, Shrike Flycatchers, Philentoemas, Batises and Wattle-eyes

Tony Harris

Illustrations: Kim Franklin

Princeton University Press


"Shrikes are a group of spectacular predators, many with brilliant colors and striking displays and sounds. Located in North America, Eurasia, and Africa, they occupy a wide spectrum of terrestrial habitats, from sparsely vegetated deserts to tropical forests, and have diverse foraging and breeding strategies. Capturing this diversity is the primary goal of Shrikes and Bush-Shrikes, the first field guide to cover the identification, biology, and relationships of all 114 species of shrikes and their close relatives. All species are portrayed in 41 beautiful color plates, consisting of over 480 illustrations that depict differences in sex, age, geographical variation, and flight pattern. Facing the plates are identification captions and color distribution maps for at-a-glance reference. Detailed species accounts provide current knowledge on field identification, plumage descriptions, geographical variation, moult, distribution, movements, foraging behavior, food, sounds, and breeding behavior. The guide provides an explanation of the history of relationships within the group, highlighting issues of conservation and species identification. For each genus, acoustic and visual signals are summarized and used to map similarities in an effort to identify species from the perspective of behavioral communication. Shrikes and Bush-Shrikes responds to the great interest in shrikes that has developed over the last century, along with controversies surrounding their origins and classification. It offers new identification strategies as well as extensive information in a format designed to please everyone from birders to conservationists to ornithologists."

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The Birds of Africa, Volume V: Thrushes to Puffback Flycatchers

Editors: Emil K Urban, C Hilary Fry and Stuart Keith

Illustrations: Martin Woodcock and Ian Willis



"Volume V is the second of four volumes to deal with the Passerine birds of the continent. The families treated fall into the following groups: thrushes, Old World warblers, Old World flycatchers, monarch flycatchers wattle-eyes and puffback flycatchers. The editors and artists have worked closely with nine other authors - all acknowledged experts on their bird families - to produce a superb reference in which encyclopedic texts on every species are complemented by accurate and detailed paintings and drawings of the birds themselves."

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Last updated December 2013