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Books about Broadbills

This page lists books that are totally or partially about Broadbills. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.

Family: Eurylaimidae

The Broadbills are a family of approximately 15 species of passerines found in Africa and Asia.

African Broadbill
Smithornis capensis

Grey-headed Broadbill
Smithornis sharpei

Rufous-sided Broadbill
Smithornis rufolateralis

Grauer's Broadbill
Pseudocalyptomena graueri

Green Broadbill
Calyptomena viridis

Hose's Broadbill
Calyptomena hosei

Whitehead's Broadbill
Calyptomena whiteheadi

Dusky Broadbill
Corydon sumatranus

Black-and-red Broadbill
Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos

Banded Broadbill
Eurylaimus javanicus

Black-and-yellow Broadbill
Eurylaimus ochromalus

Wattled Broadbill
Eurylaimus steerii

Visayan Broadbill
Eurylaimus samarensis

Long-tailed Broadbill
Psarisomus dalhousiae

Silver-breasted Broadbill
Serilophus lunatus


Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 8: Broadbills to Tapaculos

Edited by Josep Del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott and David Christie

Lynx Edicions


845 pages, 81 colour plates, 470 colour photos, 672 distribution maps.

This volume covers broadbills, asities, pitas, ovenbirds, woodcreepers, typical antbirds, ground-antbirds, gnateaters and tapaculos.

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Pittas, Broadbills and Asities

Frank Lambert and Martin Woodcock

Pica Press


"This study covers two widely-known groups of Old-World tropical birds. Pittas are a gound-dwelling insectivorous species. Broadbills form a more diverse group - some being highly specialized insectivores, others being fructivores. The Asities of Madagascar are also included. In total the guide includes 51 species. There are introductory chapters giving general information about the families. The species accounts include information on identification, habits, breeding, habitats, distribution and status. Includes colour plates of all species and distribution maps."

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The Birds of Africa, Volume IV: Broadbills to Chats

Editors: Stuart Keith, Emil K Urban and C Hilary Fry

Illustrations: Martin Woodcock and Ian Willis



"This definitive and authoritative volume covers the first 312 of the 1,200 or so passerine species which occur in continental Africa and the outlying islands. As in the first three volumes, each breeding species receives full coverage with sections on range and status, description, voice, general habits, food, and breeding biology. Non-breeding visitors are treated more briefly. The text concentrates on the bird's status and biology while in Africa. Range maps are given for each bird and super species maps are shown where appropriate. Large color plates, illustrated by Martin Woodcock, show the birds and adopt a more formal, field-guide style to emphasize the identification points of the more difficult groups. Ian Willis' line drawings elaborate on displays and patterns of behavior described in the text. The beauty and scholarship of this now standard reference on African birds must ensure it a place on every ornithologist's bookshelf."

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Last updated December 2011