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Scottish Central Valley

This page lists books about birds and birdwatching in the Central Valley area of south Scotland. This area includes Edinburgh, Glasgow, Strling, and the surrounding urban and rural areas in the central lowlands of Scotland.

The books are arranged by publication date with the most recent at the top of the page.


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The Birds of Clackmannanshire

Neil Bielby, Keith Broomfield, John Grainger

Scottish Ornithologists' Club


"For the first time ever, the birdlife of Clackmannanshire has been systematically recorded to produce an ornithological atlas for the County. The Birds of Clackmannanshire, published by the Central Scotland Branch of the SOC, is the culmination of several years of dedicated fieldwork by numerous volunteers mapping the breeding and wintering distribution of the ‘Wee County’s’ diverse birdlife. The 236-page landmark book should prove an essential reference tool for council planners and environment bodies; with species mapped at the relatively fine scale of a kilometre square, the results will allow for the precise targeting of conservation action and will act as a baseline for monitoring future changes in bird populations locally. Edited by Neil Bielby, Keith Broomfield and John Grainger, the authors hope the book will inspire and encourage readers to take a greater interest in the county’s birds, most usefully by becoming involved in recording and conservation efforts locally. Readers should also enjoy viewing the high-class imagery and art work that embellishes the text throughout. Eleven of the finest bird illustrators working in Scotland today were involved in the project, alongside several photographers."

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The Biodiversity in Glasgow (BIG) Project

Elizabeth Humphreys, Paul Kirkland and Dan Chamberlain

BTO Research Report 603

British Trust For Ornithology


"The Biodiversity in Glasgow (BIG) project was set up as a collaboration between BTO Scotland, Butterfly Conservation Scotland and Glasgow City Council and ran from January 2007 to April 2009. The main aim of the project was to carry out the largest ever volunteer survey of the birds, butterflies and their associated habitats within the green spaces of the city. This information was then used to determine the key habitats for enhancing bird and butterfly diversity within green spaces."

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Wildlife Around Glasgow: 50 Remarkable Sites to Explore

Richard Sutcliffe

Glasgow Museums Publishing


"The 50 sites include city greenspaces - such as woodlands with bluebells and ancient oaks, wetlands with herons and water voles and country parks with deer - and many diverse environments just outside the city: within 25 miles of Glasgow there are birds of prey on high moorlands, lizards and insect-eating plants on a raised bog, internationally important populations of birds at the Clyde Estuary and even a sandy beach with rock pool creatures. The book also looks at the geology of the local area, noting where you can see and collect fossils and where the rocks reveal how the landscape itself was formed."

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A Guide To Bird Watching In The Clyde Area

Editor: Cliff Baister and Marion Osier

Scottish Ornithologists' Club Clyde Branch


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Breeding Birds of South-east Scotland: A Tetrad Atlas, 1988-94

Ray Murray, Mark Holling, Harry Dott and Peter Vandome

Scottish Ornithologists Club


"This is Scotland's first Tetrad Atlas of breeding birds. The Atlas covers all 1765 tetrads (7000 square km) of the South-east Scotland area comprising the Borders and Lothians. Habitats include the city of Edinburgh, the Tweed Valley, heather moorland and the sea cliffs of Berwickshire. 250 volunteers collected some 92,000 records on 168 species. Each species has a double page spread giving a detailed description, distribution map, maps comparing the 1968-72 and present distribution, and distribution graphs on factors such as altitude and habitat."

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The Birds Of The Firth Of Clyde

J.M. McWilliam



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