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Books about the Fairy-Wrens

This page lists books about Fairy-Wrens. The books are in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.

Fairy-Wrens are members of the Maluridae family which are native to Australia and New Guinea. The family also includes emu-wrens and grasswrens.

Broad-billed Fairywren
Malurus grayi

Lovely Fairywren
Malurus amabilis

Variegated Fairywren
Malurus lamberti

Blue-breasted Fairywren
Malurus pulcherrimus

Red-winged Fairywren
Malurus elegans

Superb Fairywren
Malurus cyaneus

Splendid Fairywren
Malurus splendens

Purple-crowned Fairywren
Malurus coronatus

Red-backed Fairywren
Malurus melanocephalus

White-winged Fairywren
Malurus leucopterus

White-shouldered Fairywren
Malurus alboscapulatus

Emperor Fairywren
Malurus cyanocephalus

Wallace's Fairywren
Sipodotus wallacii

Orange-crowned Fairywren
Clytomyias insignis


Superb Fairy-wren

Kerryn Ryan

Birds of Australia: Collectors Series No. 5


"Detailed text describes the bird, and all its Australian forms, distribution, habitat, migration, behaviour, breeding and more. Over 40 full colour pictures show the bird in its natural habitat and an up close view of specific parts of the body. Intensively researched the text gives an informative insight in to how this bird lives and will be a valuable edition to the library of birders around the world."

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Handbook of Australian, New Zealand, and Antarctic Birds: Volume 5: Tyrant-flycatchers to Chats

Editor: P. J. Higgins, J.M. Peter, W.K. Steele

Illustrations: Jeff Davies

Oxford University Press


"HANZAB is one of the world's major ornithological projects. The first four volumes have attracted several awards, critical praise and an international market. Volume 5 covers 118 species: kingbirds and tyrant-flycatchers; New Zealand wrens; pittas; lyrebirds; scrub-birds; Australian tree-creepers; Australasian wrens (fairy-wrens, grasswrens, and emu-wrens); honeyeaters and chats."

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Fairy-Wrens and Grasswrens: Maluridae

Ian Rowley and Eleanor Russell

Colour plates: Peter Marsack

Oxford University Press


296 pages, 8 colour plates, numerous line drawings, maps

The opening general chapters describe the taxonomy, evolution, biology, behaviour, and conservation. These chapters are include black-and-white drawings showing typical behaviour, as well summary graphs and tables. The second section provides accounts of the 25 species, each one giving comprehensive information on the bird in its natural state. Distribution maps and sonograms are included. All species are fully illustrated in specially commissioned colour plates by Peter Marsack.

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The Fairy-Wrens : A Monograph Of The Maluridae

Richard Schodde and Richard Weatherly

Lansdowne Editions


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The Wrens and Warblers of Australia

Editor: Victor Serventy

Birds Of Australia series

The National Photographic index of Australian Wildlife

Angus & Robertson


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The Fairy Wrens Of Australia

Neville W. Cayley

Angus and Robertson


88 pages with colour plates.

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Fairy Wrens

A.H. Chisholm

F.W. Cheshire


"A conversational account of the origin, development and domestic life of Australia's prettiest bird family."

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Last updated December 2016