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Books about Flowerpeckers

This page lists books that are totally or partially about Flowerpeckers. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.


Family: Dicaeidae

There are 48 species of flowerpeckers in two genera: Prionochilus and Dicaeum. They are found in the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia and Australasia.


Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 13: Penduline Tits to Shrikes

Edited by Josep Del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott and David Christie

Lynx Edicions


879 pages, 60 colour plates, 536 colour photos, 611 distribution maps.

This volume covers nuthatches, wallcreeper, treecreepers, philippine creepers, penduline tits, painted berrypeckers, berrypeckers and longbills, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, pardalotes, white-eyes, sugarbirds, honeyeaters, old world orioles, true shrikes.

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Sunbirds: A Guide to the Sunbirds, Flowerpeckers, Spiderhunters and Sugarbirds of the World

Robert A. Cheke and Clive F. Mann

Illustrations: Richard Allen

Pica Press


This guide provides a comprehensive resource on the sunbirds and their allies, with 48 colour plates portraying all major plumage variations and many species depicted on typical food plants.

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Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan, Volume 10: Flowerpeckers to Buntings

Salim Ali and Dillon Ripley

Oxford University Press, New Delhi

Second edition


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Honeyeaters and their Allies of Australia

Editor: Wayne Longmore

Birds Of Australia series

The National Photographic index of Australian Wildlife

Angus & Robertson


"Includes coverage of honeyeaters, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, pardalotes and white-eyes."

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Catalogue Of The Passeriformes or Perching Birds In The Collection Of The British Museum

Fringilliformes: Part I, containing the families Dicaeidae, Hirundinidae, Ampelidae, Mniotiltidae and Motacillidae

Catalogue Of The Birds In The British Museum, Volume X

R. Bowdler Sharpe

12 colour plates: J.G. Keulemans

Printed By Order Of The Trustees

Printed by Taylor & Francis


From the introduction:

"In the present volume 448 species are described, represented by 4590 specimens. Of these the Museum contains the types of 88, and 52 species are still desiderata to the collection. The series of Neotropical birds has been rendered wonderfully complete by the addition of the collections of Dr. Sclater and of Messrs. Salvin and Godman; whilst through the hearty co-operation of Professor Baird, on behalf of the United-States National Museum, numerous valuable North- American birds have been received during the past year. The collection of the Old-World species of the families described in the present volume is also tolerably perfect; and many of the migratory species are represented by series of specimens illustrating their geographical distribution in a full and satisfactory manner. Much remains to be done to complete our knowledge of the changes of plumage of the Wagtails and Pipits. In my study of the latter birds I have not relied solely on the series in the British Museum, but I have likewise examined the collections of Canon Tristram, Capt. Wardlaw-Eamsay, Capt. Shelley, Mr. Seebohm, and Mr. F. Nicholson, to each of whom I return my thanks."
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