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Books about the Golden Oriole

The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.

Golden Oriole
Oriolus oriolus
Family: Oriolidae


The Golden Oriole

Jack Allsop, Paul Mason



" One of Britain's rarest breeding birds, the Golden Oriole is also one of its most charismatic. Females are a vivid green, while the males of this species are a stunning yellow and black, with an extraordinary and unforgettable song. A long-distance migrant, the orioles return to breed in early May at just a few sites, almost all of which are in Suffolk. Jake Allsop and Paul Mason's The Golden Oriole looks in detail at the biology of this spectacular species, with sections on breeding biology, feeding ecology, evolution, population dynamics, mimicry, migration and conservation, as well as a discussion of the biology of other species in the genus. A colour section showcases this photogenic species to full effect, complemented by high-quality black-and-white illustrations throughout. The fascinating history of the bird's distribution is also covered extensively, stemming from the authors' first-hand experience of the battle to help the species retain a toehold in Britain."

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Catalogue Of The Passeriformes or Perching Birds In The Collection Of The British Museum

Coliomorphae, containing the families Corvidae, Paradiseidae, Oriolidae, Dicruridae and Prionopidae

Catalogue Of The Birds In The British Museum, Volume III

R. Bowdler Sharpe

13 colour plates: J.G. Keulemans

Printed By Order Of The Trustees

Printed by Taylor & Francis



"The Third Volume of the 'Catalogue of Birds in the British Museum ' has been prepared by Mr. R. B. Sharpe, one of the Senior Assistants in the Zoological Department, and author of the two preceding volumes. It contains the commencement of the account of all the species of Passerine Birds known at present; and as no similar monograph of these Birds has been published since the year 1850, it may be hoped that the present work will not only assist the numerous students of this portion of the British Museum collections, but also prove useful to ornithologists, travellers, and collectors."
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On the Oriolidse of the Ethiopian Region

R.B. Sharpe

2 color plate (Oriolus nigripennis and Oriolus notatus / Oriolus brachyrhynchus and Oriolus baruffii): J.G. Keulemans

Volume 12, Issue 2, pages 213-229



Opening lines:

"The following sketch of the Orioles of Africa has been suggested to me during a recent study of the species in my collection; and as my series is extensive, I trust I may be able to throw some light upon the synonymy of the different species, some of which are involved in considerable obscurity. Mr. Gray's 'Hand-list of Birds' indicates ten species of African Oriolidae as having been distinguished by modern authors. This is very nearly correct; but he has omitted Oriolus crassirostris, Hartl., apparently a very good species, and he has included 0. moloxita, Rupp., as distinct from 0. monacha (Gmel.), to which I think it may be undoubtedly referred."
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