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Books about the Goshawk

The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.

General books about raptors, many of which include sections on the Goshawk, can be found on;

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Goshawk (Northern Goshawk)
Accipiter gentilis
Family: Accipitridae


Northern Goshawk, the Gray Ghost: Habits, Habitat, and Rehabilitation

Scott Rashid



"Learn about the habits and habitat of the Northern Goshawk, a fierce bird of prey that nests in the boreal forests far from human habitation. This hawk, about the size of a Common Raven, is capable of catching and killing large birds such as geese and grouse, and animals such as rabbits and hares. The Northern Goshawk is notorious for attacking anything, including people, that come close to its nest or young. Read firsthand accounts of this species’ fearless hunting prowess. Learn about plucking posts–the place where goshawks dismantle their prey before delivering it to their young. Stories include historical accounts and personal accounts from the author, his friends, and research associates. The book is filled with the author’s photographs and illustrations from his many years spent studying the Northern Goshawk in all seasons."

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Looking For The Goshawk

Conor Mark Jameson



"The book traces Conor Jameson's travels in search of the Goshawk, a magnificent yet rarely seen (in Britain at least) raptor. Each episode of the narrative arises from personal experience, investigation, and the unearthing of information from research, exploration and conversations. The journey takes him from an encounter with a stuffed Goshawk in a glass case, through travels into supposed Goshawk territories in Britain, to Berlin - where he finds the bird at ease in the city. Why, he wants to know, is the bird so rarely seen in Britain? He explores the politics of birdwatching, the sport of falconry and the impact of persecution on the recent history of the bird in Britain and travels the length of Britain, through central Europe and the USA in search of answers to the goshawk mystery. Throughout his journey he is inspired by the writings of T H White who told of his attempts to tame a Goshawk in his much-loved book."

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John Evans

Illustrations: Marita Forss

Underground Press


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Ecology and Conservation of European Forest-Dwelling Raptors

Editor: Iñigo Zuberogoitia, José Enrique Martínez

Diputacion Foral de Bizkaia


"This book, prepared by a leading group of European specialists in birds of prey, has been designed to review the current research in European forest-dwelling raptors. It deals with the methodologies used to assess the status of owls and raptors, their demographic trends, some relevant aspects of their biology and the potential impact on their populations of some traditional and emerging threats. It is thus a splendid tool to evaluate what happens today with this key group of birds and to plan future research programs directed to improve the conservation of European forest biodiversity."

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The Goshawk

Robert Kenward

Illustrations: Alan Harris



An authoritative yet highly readable monograph of the species. It includes chapters on nomenclature, races and morphs, biometrics, nesting, incubation and chick-rearing, migration, feeding ecology, population dynamics, and conservation, punctuated throughout with illuminating tales from author Robert Kenward's extensive field research. The book is packed with illustrations, figures and maps, and contains a selection of the author's superb photographs of the birds.

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The Northern Goshawk

Thomas Bosakowski

Hancock House


A study of the Northern Goshawk based on research carried out in the North East and Pacific Northwest of the United States. Subjects covered include: taxonomy and distribution, morphology and identification, status, feeding ecology, hunting and food habits, habitat ecology, nest sites, reproduction, population biology, courtship, dispersal and migration, breeding densities, population estimates, vocalizations and habitat management.

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Northern Goshawk and Forest Management in the Southwestern United States

C.E. Braun, J.H. Enderson, M.R. Fuller, Y.B. Linhart, C.D. Marti

The Wildlife Society Technical Review 96-2


A review of the management of forestry in the Southwestern United States to create Goshawk habitats and benefit existing populations.

The Northern goshawk: Ecology and management

Studies In Avian Biology 16

Editors: William M. Block, Michael L. Morrison, and M. Hildegard Reiser

Cooper Ornithological Society / Hancock House


Proceedings of a symposium of the Cooper Ornithological Society, Sacramento, California, 14-15 April 1993. Contents:

  • Introduction: William M. Block, Michael L. Morrison, and M. Hildegard Reiser
  • Northern Goshawk ecology: effects of scale and levels of biological organization: John J. Keane and Michael L. Morrison
  • Sustaining forest habitat for the Northern Goshawk: a question of scale: Russell T. Graham, Richard T. Reynolds, M. Hildegard Reiser, Richard L. Bassett, and Douglas A. Boyce
  • Assessment of Goshawk nest area habitat using stand density index: Robert J. Lilieholm, James N. Long, and Susan Patla
  • Northern Goshawk broadcast surveys: hawk response variables and survey cost: Suzanne M. Joy, Richard T. Reynolds, and Douglas G. Leslie
  • A photographic and behavioral guide to aging nestling Northern Goshawks: Clint W. Boal
  • Influence of site quality and stand density on Goshawk habitat in southwestern forests: Richard L. Bassett, Douglas A. Boyce, Jr., M. Hildegard Reiser, Russell T. Graham, and Richard T. Reynolds
  • Macrohabitat selection by nesting Northern Goshawks: implications for managing eastern forests: Thomas Bosakowski and Robert Speiser
  • Large-area Goshawk habitat modeling in Dixie National Forest using vegetation and elevation data: Carl Johansson, Perry J. Hardin, and Clayton M. White
  • Habitat use by breeding male Northern Goshawks in northern Arizona: Donald J. Bright-Smith and R. William Mannan
  • Home ranges and habitats of Northern Goshawks in eastern California: Christina D. Hargis, Clinton McCarthy, and Richard D. Perloff
  • Post-fledging areas in Northern Goshawk home ranges: Patricia L. Kennedy, Johanna M. Ward, George A. Rinker, and James A. Gessaman
  • Territory occupancy and habitat patch size of Northern Goshawks in the southern Cascades of California: Brian Woodbridge and Phillip J. Detrich
  • Density and productivity of Northern Goshawks: implications for monitoring and management: Stephen DeStefano, Sonya K. Daw, Steven M. Desimone, and E. Charles Meslow
  • Nesting habitat of Accipiter hawks: is body size a consistent predictor of nest habitat characteristics?: Melissa S. Siders and Patricia L. Kennedy
  • Northern Goshawk diets in ponderosa pine forests on the Kaibab Plateau: Clint W. Boal and R. William Mannan
  • Breeding biology of Northern Goshawks in northeastern Oregon: Evelyn L. Bull and Janet E. Hohmann
  • Nest productivity, fidelity, and spacing of Northern Goshawks in Arizona: Richard T. Reynolds, Suzanne M. Joy, and Douglas G. Leslie
  • Approaches to investigating food limitation hypotheses in raptor populations: an example using the Northern Goshawk: Johanna M. Ward and Patricia L. Kennedy
  • Breeding ecology of the Northern Goshawk in high-elevation aspen forests of northern Nevada: James V. Younk and Marc J. Bechard
  • Population responses of Northern Goshawks to the 10-year cycle in numbers of snowshoe hares: Frank I. Doyle and James M. N. Smith
  • Territory fidelity, mate fidelity, and movements of color-marked Northern Goshawks in the southern Cascades of California: Phillip J. Detrich and Brian Woodbridge
  • Survival of Northern Goshawks in the southern Cascades of California: Stephen DeStefano, Brian Woodbridge, and Phillip J. Detrich

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