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Books about Guans

This page lists books that are totally or partially about Guans. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.


Guans are part of the family Cracidae. There are 24 species:

Highland guan
Penelopina nigra

Horned guan
Oreophasis derbianus

Black guan
Chamaepetes unicolor

Sickle-winged guan
Chamaepetes goudotii

Band-tailed guan
Penelope argyrotis

Bearded guan
Penelope barbata

Baudo guan
Penelope ortoni

Andean guan
Penelope montagnii

Marail guan
Penelope marail

Rusty-margined guan
Penelope superciliaris

Red-faced guan
Penelope dabbenei

Crested guan
Penelope purpurascens

Cauca guan
Penelope perspicax

White-winged guan
Penelope albipennis

Spix's guan
Penelope jacquacu

Dusky-legged guan
Penelope obscura

White-crested guan
Penelope pileata

Chestnut-bellied guan
Penelope ochrogaster

White-browed guan
Penelope jacucaca

Wattled guan
Aburria aburri

Trinidad piping guan
Pipile pipile

Blue-throated piping guan
Pipile cumanensis

Red-throated piping guan
Pipile cujubi

Black-fronted piping guan
Pipile jacutinga


Curassows, Guans and Chachalacas

Nigel Hughes


"A catalogue of paintings exhibited at the Fine Art Society, London, 7-22 June 2006, shows 41 colour illustrations of the neotropical bird family Cracidae. Nigel Hughes is the first person to have painted all 50 species of curassows, guans and chachalacas from living specimens, and these paintings show them in their native habitat. An inserted booklet describes the biology, ecology and conservation efforts to save these remarkable birds from extinction."

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Curassows and Related Birds

Jean Delacour and Dean Amadon

Updated by Josep Del Hoyo and Anna Moties

Paintings: Albert Earl Gilbert

Lynx Edicions


"This family, which includes Chachalacas, Guans and Curassows consists of 50 species of birds, typical of Middle and South America, mostly rare and threatened. The original work of 1973 by Delacour and Amadon included wonderful illustrations by A. E. Gilbert. This new edition contains all the original drawings and plates as well as stunning new plates by A E Gilbert illustrating the chicks of some of the species, and incorporates the plates from the Handbook of the Birds of the World corresponding to this family. It also includes an update chapter dealing with the most significant facts discovered about each species since the release of the first edition 30 years ago, with a special emphasis on natural history and conservation status."

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Curassows, Guans and Chachalacas: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan for Cracids 2000-2004

Compiled by Daniel M. Brooks and Stuart D. Strahl

International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources


"This action plan presents the first step in the IUCN/SSC Cracid Specialist Groups efforts to identify and coordinate programs for the international management of cracids throughout Latin America."

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Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 2: New World Vultures to Guineafowl

Editor: Josep Del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott and Jordi Sargatal

Lynx Edicions


638 pages, 60 colour plates, 302 colour photos, 590 distribution maps.

"This volume covers: New World vultures, osprey, hawks & eagles, secretarybird, caracaras & falcons, megapodes, chachalacas, guans & curassows, turkeys, grouse, New World quails, partridges & pheasants, and guineafowl."

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Curassows and Related Birds

Jean Delacour and Dean Amadon

Paintings: Albert Earl Gilbert

The American Museum of Natural History


"A definitive work on this group of birds. Based on an enormous amount of research & several field trips, it describes in detail the birds' habitats, way of life, biology, & systematic description of the species."

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Taxonomy of the Cracidae (Aves)

Charles Vaurie

Painting: A.E. Gilbert

Bulletin Of The American Museum Of Natural History, Volume 138

The American Museum of Natural History


From the introduction: "The present study is restricted to the living Cracidae and to forms that have become extinct recently, and is based chiefly on external morphology and geographical distribution. General habits, broad ecology, and isolating mechanisms were taken into consideration, but I have not enlarged upon these subjects, which, together with the life history, will be contained in a book being prepared by my colleagues Jean Delacour and Dean Amadon.

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