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Books about the Hobby

The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.

Hobby (Eurasian Hobby)
Falco subbuteo
Family: Falconidae

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The Eurasian Hobby: Biology Of An Aerial Hunter

Klaus Dietrich Fiuczynski

VerlagsKG Wolf


An English translation of a monograph that was most recently published in German in 2011 (Der Baumfalke, 5th edition, VerlagsKG Wolf). The monograph has been updated and revised for the translation. The study is based on long term research of Hobbies in Berlin and Brandenburg.

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Richard Sale

New Naturalist 132



"In a much-anticipated volume on one of Britainís most fascinating group of birds, Richard Sale draws on a wealth of experience and research, providing a comprehensive natural history of the four British breeding falcons. The book takes each of the four breeding species in turn (Kestrel, Merlin, Hobby and Peregrine Falcon), exploring its form, habitat, breeding biology and status, along with a chapter on the hunting techniques of each species."

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The Hobby

Anthony Chapman

Illustrations: Bruce Pearson

Arlequin Press


The first detailed account of the Hobby in English. It describes the breeding cycle, varied hunting techniques and wide prey spectrum. It also examines the bird's status throughout its Eurasian range.

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Biology and Conservation of Small Falcons

Proceedings of the 1991 Hawk and Owl Trust Conference

Editor: M.K. Nicholls and R. Clarke

Hawk & Owl Trust



Breeding Ecology 1

  • Long Term Monitoring Of A Kestrel Population In Ayrshire
  • Nestboxes As A Monitoring Tool For Kestrel Breeding Performance
  • Insects, Small Mammals And Breeding Performance Of Farmland Populations Of The Common Kestrel In Sicily
  • Ecological Aspects Of The Lesser Kestrel In Extremadura, Spain
  • Lesser Kestrel Recovery Project In Catalonia
Breeding Ecology 2
  • Trends In Breeding Success Of Merlins In Britain From 1937-1989
  • The Importance Of The Breeding Population Of The Merlin In North-East Scotland
  • Ecology Of Urban Merlins In Saskatoon
  • DNA Fingerprinting Of Young Falcons In The Nest
  • Breeding Ecology Of The Sooty Falcon In Israel
  • Contribution To The Breeding Biology Of Eleonora's Falcon
  • Breeding Cycle Of The Seychelles Kestrel
  • A Comparison Of The Nesting Habits Of The Red-Footed Falcon In Colonies And Solitary Pairs
Health And Disease
  • Legal Aspects Of Work With Small Falcons
  • Plasma Growth Hormone (GH) Levels In Nestling American Kestrels
  • Establishment Of The Medical Database For Raptors
  • Diseases And Pathology Of The European Merlin
  • Blood Parasitism, Immunity And Reproduction In American Kestrels
  • Trichinella Pseudospiralis In American Kestrels : A Model Of Parasite-Induced Behavioral Pathology
  • Small Falcons In Health And Disease
Hunting And Foraging
  • The Hunting Behaviour And Predatory Efficiency Of The Mauritius Kestrel
  • Home Range Of Lesser Kestrels During The Breeding Season
  • Foraging Of The South African Rock Kestrel
  • Diet And Hunting Behaviour Of The European Hobby In Africa
  • Digestive Adaptations In Relation To Foraging Ecology And Feeding Behaviour Of Raptors
  • Merlin Winter Roosts And Diet In Britain And Northern France
Management Of Captive And Domestic Populations
  • Breeding African Pygmy Falcons
  • Domestic Breeding Of Merlins
  • The Problems In Establishing A Domestic, Self-Sustaining International Population Of New Zealand Falcons
  • Captive Breeding And Release Of Hobbies In The UK
  • Controlled Hacking, A Method Of Research Into The Biology Of Non-Indigenous Raptors : Example Falco Chicquera Chicquera
  • Domestic Merlins In The UK
Evolution And Taxonomy
  • The Genus Falco On The Upper Quaternary Of The Iberian Peninsula
  • A Morphometric Analysis Of Falco Species
  • Detection Of A Genetic Basis Of Morphometric Variation In Captive American Kestrels
  • Lesser Kestrel Conservation
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