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Books about Honeyeaters

This page lists books that are totally or partially about Honeyeaters and other members of the Meliphagidae family. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.


Family: Meliphagidae

There are approximately 200 species in the Meliphagidae family. Many of these are honeyeaters. The family also includes myzomela, friarbirds, spinebills, straightbills, wattlebirds, miners, melidectes and myzas.

Honeyeaters are mainly found in Australia and New Guinea but species also occur in New Zealand and on some South Pacific islands.


Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 13: Penduline Tits to Shrikes

Edited by Josep Del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott and David Christie

Lynx Edicions


879 pages, 60 colour plates, 536 colour photos, 611 distribution maps.

This volume covers nuthatches, wallcreeper, treecreepers, philippine creepers, penduline tits, painted berrypeckers, berrypeckers and longbills, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, pardalotes, white-eyes, sugarbirds, honeyeaters, old world orioles, true shrikes.

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Handbook of Australian, New Zealand, and Antarctic Birds: Volume 5: Tyrant-flycatchers to Chats

Editor: P. J. Higgins, J.M. Peter, W.K. Steele

Illustrations: Jeff Davies

Oxford University Press


"HANZAB is one of the world's major ornithological projects. The first four volumes have attracted several awards, critical praise and an international market. Volume 5 covers 118 species: kingbirds and tyrant-flycatchers; New Zealand wrens; pittas; lyrebirds; scrub-birds; Australian tree-creepers; Australasian wrens (fairy-wrens, grasswrens, and emu-wrens); honeyeaters and chats."

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Honeyeaters and their Allies of Australia

Editor: Wayne Longmore

Birds Of Australia series

The National Photographic index of Australian Wildlife

Angus & Robertson


"Includes coverage of honeyeaters, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, pardalotes and white-eyes."

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Australian Honeyeaters

Brigadier Hugh R. Officer

The Bird Observers Club


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Distributuion of the Australian Honeyeaters

G.R. Gannon

Australian Ornithological Union


22 page booklet originally published as a paper in the journal Emu (Vol 62, Part 3).

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Catalogue Of The Passeriformes or Perching Birds In The Collection Of The British Museum

Cinnyrimorphae, containing the families Nectariniidae and Meliphagidae

Catalogue Of The Birds In The British Museum, Volume IX

Hans Gadow

8 colour plates: J. Smit

Printed By Order Of The Trustees

Printed by Taylor & Francis



"The Ninth Volume of the 'Catalogue of Birds in the British Museum' contains an account of all the species of Cinnyrimorphae known at present, and was prepared by the author of the previous volume, Dr. H. Gadow. The total number of species described amounts to 355, of which 291 are in the British Museum; they are represented by 2450 specimens. Of the principal donors I have to mention B. H. Hodgson, Esq., Capt. Stackhouse Pinwill, F. D. Godman, Esq., 0. Salvin, Esq., Sir John Kirk, W. E. and C. G. Gates, Esqrs., H. Seebohm, Esq., A. 0. Hume, Esq., W. Davidson, Esq., Capt. Wardlaw Ramsay, and Capt. Trevelyan. The proof-sheets were again revised by Mr. Sharpe, but submitted to the author before sending them to the press."
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