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This page lists books about, or including sections about, the Huia. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.

For wider ranging books about extinct birds see the;

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Extinct Birds Of New Zealand

Alan Tennyson and P. Martinson

Te Papa Press


"In New Zealand's lush rainforests, isolated from the outside world for 80 million years, many extraordinary birds evolved. They included the giant moa, the beautiful huia, and the largest eagle the earth has ever seen. Within a few hundred years, human settlement extinguished 58 unique and beautiful species. For the first time ever, this book brings these lost birds to life again. In rich colour, celebrated painter Paul Martinson depicts each bird in its original habitat. Te Papa palaeontologist Alan Tennyson provides detailed information on the birds as well as a compelling overview of their tragic extinction."

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New Zealand's Extinct Birds

Brian Gill and Paul Martinson

Random Century


"The largest penguin ever known once roamed the shores of New Zealand, and there were many other strange bird species which soared the skies or stalked the land, false-toothed pelicans, eleven moa species including the tallest bird known, giant flightless geese and coots, the largest eagle known, adzebills, owlet-night jars and the world's only flightless perching bird. These weird and wonderful birds are now extinct. Some disappeared in the geologically distant past, but most were eliminated during the last 1000 years, unable to withstand the impact of humans on these lands."

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The Book Of The Huia

W.J. Phillips

Whitcombe and Tombs


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Last updated January 2014