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Books about Ibis

This page lists books that are totally or partially about Ibis. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.


African Sacred Ibis
Threskiornis aethiopicus

Malagasy Sacred Ibis
Threskiornis bernieri

Black-headed Ibis
Threskiornis melanocephalus

Australian White Ibis
Threskiornis molucca

Straw-necked Ibis
Threskiornis spinicollis

Red-naped Ibis
Pseudibis papillosa

White-shouldered Ibis
Pseudibis davisoni

Giant Ibis
Thaumatibis gigantea

Northern Bald Ibis
Geronticus eremita

Southern Bald Ibis
Geronticus calvus

Crested Ibis
Nipponia nippon

Olive Ibis
Bostrychia olivacea

Sao Tome Ibis
Bostrychia bocagei

Spot-breasted Ibis
Bostrychia rara

Hadada Ibis
Bostrychia hagedash

Wattled Ibis
Bostrychia carunculata

Plumbeous Ibis
Theristicus caerulescens

Buff-necked Ibis
Theristicus caudatus

Black-faced Ibis
Theristicus melanopis

Sharp-tailed Ibis
Cercibis oxycerca

Green Ibis
Mesembrinibis cayennensis

Bare-faced Ibis
Phimosus infuscatus

American White Ibis
Eudocimus albus

Scarlet Ibis
Eudocimus ruber

Glossy Ibis
Plegadis falcinellus

White-faced Ibis
Plegadis chihi

Puna Ibis
Plegadis ridgwayi

Madagascar Ibis
Lophotibis cristata


The Last Flight of the Ancient Guide of Hajj: Northern Bald Ibis: The Most Threatened Bird of the Middle East

Gianluca Serra


"A conservation struggle against time was fought in Syria between 2002 and 2011, the aim being to prevent the last known and genetically unique population of Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita) in the Middle East from becoming extinct. The Nothern Bald Ibis had been declared extinct in Syria from the early 30s and in the whole Middle East in 1989. The news of the discovery of a relic colony of 7 individuals of this species in Palmyra desert, Syria, in 2002 made headlines on international media; reviving the hopes to be still on time to rescue the oriental population from extinction – and suddenly turning the species as the most threatened one in the Middle East….

…. The recent – most likely final- extinction of this ancient and iconic population of Northern Bald Ibis is fully documented. The Last Flight of the Ancient Guide of Hajj was designed to provide an independent recount of this conservation saga and to set the record straight."

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International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita

Compiled by Maria Jose Jimenez Armesto, Christiane Boehm & Chris Bowden

Technical Series No. 10



From the executive summary: "The Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita has undergone a long history of decline over at least four centuries, having been distributed over much of north and northeast Africa and the Middle East. Two distinct populations have been identified which are genetically distinct. The main western population occurs in Morocco and now numbers around 100 pairs. A relict population of two pairs persists in Syria, providing a precarious opportunity to keep the eastern population going in a truly wild state. Turkish birds are now only semi-wild, but are still a very important genetic resource for a time when reintroduction methodology has been developed further."

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Northern Bald Ibis Conservation and Reintroduction Workshop

Editor: C. Boehm, C.G.R. Bowden and M.J.R. Jordan

Proceedings of the International Advisory Group for the Northern Bald Ibis (IAGNBI) Meeting Alpenzoo Innsbruck, Tirol, July 2003



"Twenty-five northern bald ibis experts, from a total of eight nations (Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey) participated in this workshop, and subsequent excursion to visit the Grunau and Scharnstein projects. The fairly small group size allowed fruitful discussions and contributed to the success of the meeting. Its results are represented in this workshop report and will hopefully help to improve efforts to save the northern bald ibis."

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Wading Birds : Birds of the World

J. MacKenzie

Key Porter Books


" With species that range from the familiar to the truly exotic, wading birds can be found at the margins of water all over the world. This magnificent book, which features 120 full-colour photographs from the world's top nature photographers, celebrates these beautiful creatures and includes breathtaking images of Sandhill Cranes in flights across New Mexico, Cattle Egrets perched on the head of an elephant and Tellow-billed Storks standing sentinal in a stark African tree. The informative text and extensive captions provide valuable details about these magnificent birds, including distinguishing marks, behaviour patterns and habitats. This book is a visual feast, the definitive guide for novice and veteran birdwatchers, nature lovers and conservationists."

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The White Ibis: Wetland Wanderer

Keith L. Bildstein

Smithsonian Books


"Beginning in 1980, the author studied the thousands of ibises which converge each spring on tiny Pumpkinseed Island, South Carolina. Contains much useful information on breeding and behaviour."

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Long-legged Wading Birds of the North American Wetlands

Mark Riegner

Stackpole Books


A study of the long-legged wading birds of North American with colour photographs by Lucian Niemeyer.

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Storks, Ibises And Spoonbills Of The World

James A. Hancock, James A. Kushlan and M. Philip Kahl

Illustrations: Alan Harris, David Quinn



"A detailed study of the 19 storks, 1 shoebill, 23 ibises and 6 spoonbills of the world. There are introductory chapters on taxonomy and feeding, breeding and behaviour, followed by detailed coverage of each species. The text is supported by colour plates."

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A Bibliography Of Storks, Ibises And Spoonbills

Malcolm Coulter and Albert Bryan

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory


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The Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus Ruber): Status, Conservation and Recent Research

Editor: PC Frederick et al

Wetlands International


"Proceedings of the First International Scarlet Ibis Conservation Workshop, Caracas, Venezuela 1988."

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The Wading Birds of North America: A Definitive Work Covering The United States And Canada

Allan W. Eckert

Paintings & Drawings: Karl E.Karalus

Weathervane Books / Random House


Covers Herons, egrets, bittern, ibises, spoonbills, flamingos, cranes, limpkins, rails, gallinules, and coots.

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Birds of the Wetlands

James Hancock

Croom Helm


"Beautifully illustrated throughout in colour from the author's own collection of photographs, this spectacular book is the work of one of the world's most-travelled authorities on wetland birds. The beauty of the bird life is set against telling explanations of how wetland habitats work and of their place in the international conservation scene. Still a haven for huge breeding populations of herons, storks, ibises, spoonbills, anhingas, cormorants, wildfowl, waders, and birds of prey, wetlands are some of the world's last and best wild places"

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The Living Bird

Ninth Annual

The Laboratory of Ornithology

Cornell University



  • A Study Of Nesting Torrent Ducks In The Andes - George M Moffett, Jr
  • Displays Of Four Species Of Blue-Winged Ducks - Frank McKinney
  • The Shoulder-Spot Display Of Grouse - H G Lumsden
  • Orientation In Gulls: Effect Of Distance, Direction Of Release And Wind - William E Southern
  • Breeding Behavior Of The Sanderling In The Canadian High Arctic - David F Parmelee
  • The Scarlet Ibis in Surinam and Trinidad - Richard P ffrench and F Haverschmidt
  • Breeding Behavior Of The Rock Ptamigan - S D MacDonald
  • The Eastern Bluebird: Its Breeding Season, Clutch Size And Nesting Success - David B Peakall
  • A Photographic Study Of The Potoo In Colombia - Jose Ignacio Borrero H.
  • Life history of the Common Potoo - Alexander F Skutch
Illustrations by: Robert Gillmor, R A Richardson, Albert Earl Gilbert, Keith Shackleton, Tony Angell, J H Czech, George Miksch Sutton, John Henry Dick, Paul Barruel, F Haverschmidt, John Crosby, and William Zimmerman

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Coro-Coro: The World of the Scarlet Ibis

Paul A. Zahl



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Catalogue Of The Plataleae, Herodiones, Steganopodes, Pygopodes, Alcae and Impennes In The Collection Of The British Museum

Catalogue Of The Birds In The British Museum, Volume XXVI

Plataleae and Herodiones: R. Bowdler Sharpe

Steganopodes, Pygopodes, Alcae, Impennes: W.R. Ogilvie-Grant

14 colour plates: J. Smit, J.G. Keulemans

Printed By Order Of The Trustees

Sold by: Longman & Co.; B. Quaritch; Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co.; and at the British Museum (Natural History)


From the preface:

"The present volume, though not numerically the last, has been, owing to various delays in its production, the last to appear. Its publication completes the series, as originally projected by Dr. Gunther more than twenty-five years ago. The whole work consists of twenty-seven volumes, and it may fairly claim to be one of the most important aids to the study of Systematic Ornithology which has ever been produced. The first volume appeared in June 1874. The others have followed at intervals averaging rather less than a year. The publication of the work has therefore been very nearly coincident with Dr. Gunther's administration of the Zoological Department of the Museum. It is to him that the general arrangement and supervision of the work is due, although each contributor has been allowed a considerable latitude in following his own views as to the details of classification and nomenclature."
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