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J.G. Keulemans

This page lists books that include one or more illustrations by J.G. Keulemans that are taken from earlier publications.

The books are ordered by publication date with the most recent at the top of the page.

Keulemans also produced plates for papers published in a number of journals. Separate pages on the site list papers with Keulemans plates that appeared in the BOU journal Ibis. Other journal related pages may be added at a later date.

J.G. Keulemans pages

There are a number Keulemans pages on the site:

Original publications with Keulemans illustrations

Later publications with Keulemans illustrations

Keulemans plates in scientific journals:

- Novitates Zoologicae

- Ibis 1905-1909
- Ibis 1900-1904
- Ibis 1895-1899
- Ibis 1890-1894
- Ibis 1885-1889
- Ibis 1880-1884
- Ibis 1875-1879
- Ibis 1870-1874


Buller's Birds of New Zealand

The Complete Work of JG Keulemans

Geoff Norman

Foreword: Stephen Fry

Te Papa Press


"Buller's Birds of New Zealand includes the complete set of 95 artworks from both editions of A History of the Birds of New Zealand by Walter Buller and the subsequent supplement, specially photographed and reproduced at original size and in full colour using high quality modern printing techniques. Each bird painting is accompanied by a selection of Buller's original, descriptive text as well as up-to-date taxonomic information in English and te reo Maori. Uniquely, Buller's Birds of New Zealand features fresh reproductions of the original watercolour-and-pencil paintings for Buller's iconic second edition and its supplement, made possible by the author's rediscovery of these works at the Ornithological Branch of the British Natural History Museum. Bright, luminous and clear, Keulemans's masterpieces are seen here for the first time as the artist intended. Bound in cloth and beautifully presented in a slipcase, this edition at last makes available the masterpieces inside the rarely seen, and highly valued, original books."

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Sharpe's Birds Of Paradise

R. Bowdler-Sharpe

Illustrations: W. Hart, J. Gould, J.G. Keulemans

Foreword: David Attenborough

Folio Society


A limited edition of Sharpe's Monograph of the Paradiseidae which was originally published in two volumes in 1891 and 1898. This edition which is housed in a slipcase includes high quality reproductions of the 79 plates taken froma first edition at the John Rylands Library in Manchester.

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Paintings of the Birds of New Zealand: The Art of J G Keulemans

Ross Galbreath

Random House


"A beautifully packaged giftbook presentation of the famous, iconic paintings by J. G. Keulemans made for Buller's Birds. The paintings and drawings are accompanied by an expert introduction to Keulemans' work and extended captions to each of the plates."

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Extinct Birds

Errol Fuller

Cornell University Press


"Since 1600 some 80 bird species have become extinct. The author has drawn on a wide range of sources for his accounts of these birds, their habits and demise, with evidence of preserved specimens brought to life by the eye-witness accounts of early travellers and explorers. Their stories are sometimes tantalisingly slight: isolated sightings of a single bird may be the only evidence that a species ever existed. By contrast, the expeditions of Nineteenth Century naturalists are often well documented and their descriptions accompanied by detailed drawings and paintings. In more recent cases our knowledge about an extinct species can be so extensive that even the precise time and place of death of its last surviving member is recorded. Virtually all of the species documented here are illustrated with colour plates from archival sources, including the work of such acknowledged masters as Audubon, Keulemans and Lear. These artists often had the advantage of working from fresh specimens or even from living birds, and besides its beauty their work is a primary source of scientific knowledge in its own right. Where no appropriate picture exists, new paintings have been produced especially for the book. The stories of these birds are sometimes fantastic, often touching and humorous, but ultimately sad. Extinct Birds is a fascinating record of those species of birds which have been unable to adapt and survive, and a timely reminder of the human capacity to change the environment for the worse."

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Masterpieces of Bird Art: 700 Years of Ornithological Illustration

Roger F. Pasquier and John Ferrand Jr

Abbeville Press


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Feathers to Brush: The Victorian Bird Artist, John Gerrard Keulemans, 1842-1912

Tony Keulemans & Jan Coldewey

C.J. Coldewey


A limited edition biography that includes a bibliography.

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The Art of Bird Illustration

Maureen Lambourne

Chartwell Books


"Takes us on a journey through the history of bird illustration, from ancient Egypt. Featuring over 100 plates reproduced in their original colour, this work is illustrated with the work of the most talented artists and ornithologists of their time."

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Fine Bird Books 1700-1900

Sacheverell Sitwell, Handasyde Buchanan and James Fisher.

Foreword: S. Dillon Ripley

Atlantic Monthly Press / H.F. & G. Witherby


"This book is a tribute to the world's greatest natural history monographs and contains colour plates which reveal the full breadth of achievement attained during the 18th and 19th centuries. First published over 35 years ago, this expanded edition includes more colour plates and a new foreword. The book represents the collaborative efforts of leading authorities in the fields of ornithology, art history and rare-book connoisseurship. The colour plates featured in the book include work by John James Audubon, Jacques Barraband, Mark Catesby, Daniel Giraud Elliot, John Gould, Robert Havell, John Keulemans, Edward Lear, Edouard Travies and Joseph Wolf."

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Birds of Paradise and Bowerbirds

Michael Everett

Illustrations: John Gould, W. Hart, J.G. Keulemans, Peter Hayman, and others

Burlington Books


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The Great Bird Illustrators And Their Art, 1730-1930

Peyton Skipwith

Hamlyn / A & W Publishers


Discusses the work of 15 artists including John Gould, John James Audubon, Mark Catesby, Edward Lear, Josef Wolf, John Guille Millais, Archibald Thorburn and J.G. Keulemans. 176 pages with 75 full page colour illustrations.

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Bird Illustrators: Some Artists in Early Lithography

C.E. Jackson

H. F. & G. Witherby


Includes chapters on: illustrators: William Swainson, Edward Lear, John Gould, Henry Leonard Meyer, Josef Wolf, Joseph Smit, John Gerrard Keulemans, Edward Neale, William Foster, Claude Wilmott Wyatt, Frederick William Frohawk, Henrik Grönvold, Archibald Thorburn, and George Edward Lodge.

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Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896-1899, Volume 2: Ornithology

Part V: Psittacidae - Icteridae

Editor: William B. Scott

Witmer Stone

Illustrations: J.G. Keulemans and others

Princeton, The University / E. Schweizepbartsche Verlagshandlung


Includes 14 colour plates by Keulemans and numerous black and white illustrations by others.

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Notes on the Game Birds of Kenya and Uganda

(Including the Sand-Grouse, Pigeons, Snipe, Bustards, Geese, and Ducks)

Sir Frederick J. Jackson

Colour plates: J.G. Keulemans, H. Gronvold, J. Smit

Williams & Norgate


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The Game-Birds Of India, Burma And Ceylon

E.C. Stuart Baker

Volume 1 illustrations: H. Grönvold, G. E. Lodge, and J. G. Keulemans

Volume 2 illustrations: H. Grönvold

Bombay Natural History Society


Volume 1: Ducks and their allies

Volume 2: Snipe, Bustards, Sand-grouse

Volume 3: Pheasants and bustard-quail

From the introduction:

"In 1896 and the following years I wrote a series of articles on " Indian Ducks and their Allies " in the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. In 1908 these articles were brought up to date, corrected and added to and appeared in book form, and so well was this volume received by the public, especially by sportsmen in India, that the edition was soon exhausted. The first edition appeared principally to meet a want which had long been felt by Small-Game shooters in India. that is to say a volume, reference to which would not only show how each duck could be identified, but would also give some idea of its habits and its scarcity or the reverse. Hume and Marshall's " Game Birds of India," which was published in 1879-80, grand book as it was and is, was felt to be behind the times, and much had since been recorded in various magazines and journals. But these records were scattered here, there and everywhere, and could not be consulted without the greatest difficulty, and it was, indeed, quite impossible for anyone who had not access to a very complete library to say what had, and what had not, been recorded. The first edition may be said not only to have served its purpose for the time being, but it served yet another and perhaps even more important one, for since its appearance a very large amount of information has been published to add to and correct its contents. This second edition incorporates these additions and corrections, and adds a considerable amount of matter not obtainable by me when writing in India. Several species have been added to the Indian list, and the geographical distribution of certain others has been more correctly given."
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Birds Of Britain

J. Lewis Bonhote

Illustrations selected by H.E. Dresser from his "Birds Of Europe"

Illustrations by J.G. Keulemans, Joseph Wolf, E. Neale, and others

Adam and Charles Black


400 pages with 100, many full page, colour illustrations.


The study of Nature has of late years enormously increased, and there is probably no branch of its varied and inexhaustible interests which appeals more strongly to young and old than the fascinating study of Birds. Everyone feels more or less interested in Birds, whether it be from pure affection for the Robins and Tits which beg our hospitality during the winter months, or joy at the coming of the Swallow and Cuckoo as heralds of spring. For some the interest is perhaps merely a passing regret at the shooting of one of our rare and beautiful migrants, while with others the real love of bird life makes it a moment of intensest pleasure when, for instance, the melodious note of the Nightingale makes us dimly realise something of the innate beauty of Nature herself. In the following pages will be found not only descriptions and plates of the birds themselves, but, wherever possible, notes on their ways and habits have also been given. These notes having been taken at first hand straight from Nature, it is hoped that they may give a small insight Birds of Britain into some of those beautiful mysteries which it is our ambition to unravel, and that, at the same time, they may awaken and stimulate a further desire to know still more of the workings of the great laws of the Universe and the part they play in the lives of even the least of the feathered creatures. It has been thought best to include in this book every species which has been known to occur in Great Britain, with a description of their leading characteristics and true habitat, so that any bird met with may be easily identified ; and the plates have been carefully selected so as to give examples of the most typical species. For facts relative to geographical distribution and other technical details the author has freely consulted Mr. Howard Saunders' Manual of British Birds. In conclusion, the author hopes most sincerely that this book may^ often prove to be of help and service to the genuine seeker after reliable information on British Birds, and also that it may encourage observation and further research in a branch of Natural History where discovery ever stimulates to fresh discovery and where interest never fails.
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The Natural History & Antiquities Of Selborne & A Garden Kalendar

Reverend Gilbert White

Editor: R. Bowdler-Sharpe

Introduction to Garden Kalendar: Very Reverend S. Reynolds Hole

Illustrations: J.G. Keulemans, Herbert Railton & Edmund J. Sullivan

T. Freemantle


From the editors introduction:

THE editing of Gilbert White's "Selborne" has been one of the most interesting tasks which has ever fallen to my lot. Notwithstanding the many excellent editions of the work, I have been able to add a good deal of matter which will be read with interest by lovers of Gilbert White. I have carefully collated the text of the original edition with that ordinarily published, and I have found several variations in the renderings, which I have restored to their original form, as issued by the author. The "Pennant" Letters now in the British Museum contain many passages which have been deemed worthy of restoration in the present edition. So little is known of Gilbert White's personal history, that every additional fact seems to me to be of interest, and the letters contain many notes not previously published. This is especially the case with respect to the letters about John White's Gibraltar collections, and in a further memoir I shall endeavour to trace out more completely the details of Gilbert White's life; for, although the materials for such a biography are difficult to get together after a lapse of more than a century, I am sure that a great many more facts can be collected."
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The Royal Natural History, Volume III: Mammals and Birds

Richard Lydekker

72 colour plates and 1600 engravings

Illustrations: J.G. Keulemans, J. Smit, P. Smit and many others

Frederick Warne & Co


Includes at least two colour plates by Keuleman.

The set of volumes was published in the US as The New Natural History..

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