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Books about the Kiwi

This page lists books that are totally or partially about the Kiwi. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.


Great Spotted Kiwi (Roroa)
Apteryx haastii

Little Spotted Kiwi
Apteryx owenii

Okarito Kiwi (Rowi)
Apteryx rowi

Southern Brown Kiwi (Tokoeka)
Apteryx australis

North Island Brown Kiwi
Apteryx mantelli


Kiwi: A Natural History

Isabel Castro

Photographs: Rod Morris

New Holland


"New Zealand's best-known bird and national icon is the subject of this new and highly accessible title from two experts in their field. There are five recognised species of kiwi, distributed unevenly in locations throughout New Zealand and ranging from the most widespread - the North Island brown kiwi - to the most endangered (the little spotted kiwi). Along with stunning photographs from award-winning wildlife photographer Rod Morris, native bird expert Dr Isabel Castrol describes all key aspects of kiwi, from their evolution, prehistory and closest relatives (based on the latest research) to their feeding and breeding behaviour and current conservation issues, making this the perfect introduction for anyone with an interest in these fascinating birds."

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Kiwi: The People's Bird

Neville Peat

Otago University Press


"Back in 1990, when Neville Peat wrote The Incredible Kiwi, the national bird was in retreat, from habitat loss and the severe impact of predation. It was not well understood, being nocturnal and hidden in the forest. Most Kiwis had never seen their national bird. During the 1990s, saving the kiwi became a popular cause. Community kiwi conservation projects have emerged all over the country, especially in the North Island. And scientific research has led to greater knowledge of the bird's population dynamics and distribution. The kiwi has truly become 'the people's bird'. In this book, the author describes the kiwi from every point of view, from wild bird to national emblem. What is this biological oddity called the kiwi? Exactly how many species of kiwi are there? Where do they live? What do they eat? How are people helping them to survive? Why does this bird have such a major place in the Kiwi nation's life? And he tells the story of the largest popular movement in support of an endangered native species that New Zealand has ever seen."

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Restoring Kapiti: Nature's Second Chance

Editor: Kerry Brown

Otago University Press


Includes a chapter on the Little Spotted Kiwi.

"Modern Kapiti Island is best known as a sanctuary for wildlife. It is one of New Zealand's longest and most exciting conservation stories, beginning in 1897. Projects here to eradicate possums and rats, and to increase or establish populations of endangered birds such as the little spotted kiwi, have put the country on the world map for conservation management and provided models to follow in other parts of the country. Animal pests are eradicated, weeds controlled, and the forests are returning. The island provides a home for a variety of endangered birds and other threatened fauna and flora. In the surrounding marine reserve, sea life is flourishing. This book is written by people who have contributed to the restoration of the island."

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Ratites and Tinamous:Tinamidae, Rheidae, Dromaiidae, Casuariidae, Apterygidae, Struthionidae

Stephen Davies

Colour plates: Michael. J Bamford

Oxford University Press


336 pages, 12 colour plates, numerous maps and tables

"The book covers the evolution, biology and natural history of the group of flightless birds that includes ostriches, emus, cassowaries and kiwis - the Ratites and their relatives, the Tinamous. It reviews the scientific studies that have been made of their ecology, behaviour, physiology, husbandary, evolution, mythology and conservation. Each of the 55 species is described in detail, with maps of the present known distribution, accounts their food and nesting habits, calls, field identification, habitat and relationship with humans, including farming. It is the first such comprehensive account of the groups since 1877, and the first to bring together comprehensive information about the tinamous, little known birds of the America. It reviews the long debated subject of the evolution of these groups, highlighting new evidence that has turned many old theories on their head."

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The Kiwi and Other Flightless Birds

Brian Gill

David Bateman in association with Auckland Museum


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Kiwis: A Monograph of the Family Apterygidae

Editor: Errol Fuller

Illustrations: Ray Harris-Ching

Swan Hill Press


"Written by seven leading ornithologists with extensive knowledge of the species, and illustrated by one of the world's leading wildlife artists."

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The Incredible Kiwi

Neville Peat

Random Century


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Last updated August 2013