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This page lists books that are totally or partially about the Kokako.

The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.

Callaeas cinereus


Call Of The Kokako

Jeff Hudson

Halcyon Press


"Call of the Kokako is a journey of discovery into what makes the kokako ‘tick' in order to save the species. This journey and work resulted in the restoration of the largest population of kokako in New Zealand with the help and dedication of many down to earth conservationists. Jeff Hudson spent 20 years helping to save the kokako from extinction. He was a passionate, multi-talented man who made an enormous impression on all those lucky enough to work and socialize with him."

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New Zealand Forest Birds and their World

Geoff Moon

New Holland


"Drawing on more than 70 years worth of study in the field & representing literally thousands of hours spent poised behind a 300mm lens Forest Birds by Geoff Moon presents a visual and written portrait of the most important or characteristic birds of the New Zealand forest. Arranged in taxonomic order, these total nearly 30 species, among them some of the country's best-loved birds such as the bellbird, fantail, kingfisher, kiwi, kokako, morepork, tomtit, kakariki, saddleback, stitchbird and tui. Enriching the photography are Geoff's personal notes, amassed like his photographs from decades of observation."

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Rare and Endangered New Zealand Birds

Peter Gaze

Canterbury University Press


A guide to some of New Zealand's most endangered birds including the kokako, black robin and yellow-eyed penguin.

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J.R. Hay, H.A. Best & R.G. Powlesland

Endangered New Zealand Wildlife Series

John McIndoe Limited in association with the New Zealand Wildlife Services


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Last updated September 2011