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Books about Pardalotes

This page lists books that are totally or partially about Pardalotes. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.


Family: Pardalotidae
Genus: Pardalotus

The pardalotes, also known as peep-wrens, are a family of Australian passerines. There are four species:

Forty-spotted Pardalote
Pardalotus quadragintus

Red-browed Pardalote
Pardalotus rubricatus

Spotted Pardalote
Pardalotus punctatus

Striated Pardalote
Pardalotus striatus


Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 13: Penduline Tits to Shrikes

Edited by Josep Del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott and David Christie

Lynx Edicions


879 pages, 60 colour plates, 536 colour photos, 611 distribution maps.

This volume covers nuthatches, wallcreeper, treecreepers, philippine creepers, penduline tits, painted berrypeckers, berrypeckers and longbills, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, pardalotes, white-eyes, sugarbirds, honeyeaters, old world orioles, true shrikes.

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Handbook of Australian, New Zealand, and Antarctic Birds: Volume 6: Pardlotes to Shrike-thrushes

Editor: P. J. Higgins and J.M. Peter

Illustrations: Jeff Davies

Oxford University Press


"This volume provides detailed descriptions of 107 species, including the pardalotes, gerygones and thornbills, the robins, babblers, wedgebills and quail-thrushes, in addition to the monarchs, flycatchers and fantails. Forty-three colour plates by renowned bird artists such as Peter Marsack and Peter Slater depict all of these species of bird in fine detail, showing those small differentiations in plumage which may be used to determine accurately the age and sex of individual birds."

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Honeyeaters and their Allies of Australia

Editor: Wayne Longmore

Birds Of Australia series

The National Photographic index of Australian Wildlife

Angus & Robertson


"Includes coverage of honeyeaters, sunbirds, flowerpeckers, pardalotes and white-eyes."

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The Forty-Spotted Pardalote In Tasmania

P.B. Brown

National Parks and Wildlife Service, Tasmania


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