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Books about Stone Curlews

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Stone Curlews

Family: Burhinidae

UK stone curlews

Eurasian Stone-curlew
Burhinus oedicnemus

Other Stone curlews

There are nine other Stone curlews or Thick-knees worldwide.

Indian Stone-curlew
Burhinus indicus

Senegal Thick-knee
Burhinus senegalensis

Water Thick-knee
Burhinus vermiculatus

Spotted Thick-knee
Burhinus capensis

Double-striped Thick-knee
Burhinus bistriatus

Peruvian Thick-knee
Burhinus superciliaris

Bush Stone-curlew
Burhinus grallarius

Great Stone-curlew
Esacus recurvirostris

Beach Stone-curlew
Esacus giganteus


Potential Disturbance Effects, Nesting Success And Territory Placement In Stone Curlews at Porton Down 2010-2012

Ian G. Henderson

BTO Research Report 633

British Trust for Ornithology


Opening lines: "Since 2004, a relatively stable population trend on one sub-site of Porton Down (Battery Hill) has contrasted with a strongly declining population trend on a second sub-site (Easton Down) for Stone Curlews. To explain the patterns of declines , the potentially limiting effects of disturbance were investigated and compared to trends in settlement patterns, coupled with new detailed observations of nest behaviour and nest survival rates, using nest cameras, carried out between 2010 and 2012".

book cover

The Stone Curlew

Richard Vaughan and Nancy Vaughan Jennings

Illustrations: Juan Varela

Isabelline Books


A 344 page monograph on the Stone Curlew. Based on the authors' extensive field research it provides detailed and comprehensive information about the Stone Curlew's habitat, feeding, breeding and migration patterns, as well as the levels of protection and encouragement this species enjoys in several parts of the world. Includes a colour frontispiece, 19 colour plates and 11 maps.

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Bird Study, Volume 46, Issue 2

British Trust for Ornithology


Main articles:

  • Evaluating the success of translocating Red Kites Milvus milvus to the UK - I.M. Evans, R.W. Summers, L. O'toole, D.C. Orr-Ewing, R. Evans, N. Snell & J. Smith
  • Factors affecting the numbers and breeding success of Stone Curlews Burhinus oedicnemus at Porton Down, Wiltshire - C.E. Bealey, R.E. Green, R. Robson, C.R. Taylor & R. Winspear
  • Use of set-aside land in winter by declining farmland bird species in the UK - D.L. Buckingham, A.D. Evans, A.J. Morris, C.J. Orsman & R. Yaxley
  • Colonization patterns at Rook Corvus frugilegus colonies: implications for survey strategies - L.R. Griffin
  • Rapid population growth of Great Skuas Catharacta skua at St Kilda: implications for management and conservation - R.A. Phillips, S. Bearhop, K.C. Hamer & D.R. Thompson

Bird Study, Volume 42, Issue 3

British Trust for Ornithology


Main articles:

  • Changes in Stone Curlew Burhinus oedicnemus distribution and abundance and vegetation height on chalk grassland at Porton Down, Wiltshire - R. E. Green & C. R. Taylor
  • Long-term trends in the arrival dates of spring migrants - C. F. Mason
  • Habitat selection and population size of Corn Buntings Miliaria calandra breeding in Britain in 1993 - P. F. Donald & A. D. Evans
  • The effects of agricultural change on population size of Corn Buntings Miliaria Calandra on individual farms - P. F. Donald & C. Forrest
  • The influence of refuse tips on the winter distribution of Yellow-legged Gulls Larus cachinnans - D. Sol, J. M. Arcos & J. C. Senar
  • Breeding biology and survival of the Alpine Chough Pyrrhocorax graculus - A. Delestrade & G. Stoyanov

Ringing & Migration, Volume 18, Issue 2

British Trust for Ornithology


Main articles:

  • Spatial distribution of four Acrocephalus warblers in reedbeds during the post-breeding migration - Marcel Honza & Ivan Literak
  • Aspects of the biology of the common gull larus canus from remains left by predators - J.C.A. Craik
  • Are Belgian Kestrels Falco tinnunculus migratory: An analysis of ringing recoveries - Frank Adriaensen, Nico Verwimp & Andre A. Dhondt
  • Survival and movements of Stone-curlews Burhinus oedicnemus ringed in England - R.E. Green, D.P. Hodson & P.R. Holness
  • Bird ringing in Britain and Ireland in 1995 - G.F. Appleton, S.Y. Adams, J.A. Clark, J.R. Simons & W.J. Peach

Bird Study, Volume 21, Issue 1

British Trust for Ornithology


Main articles:

  • Where Have All the Whitethroats Gone? - Derek Winstanley, Robert Spencer and Kenneth Williamso
  • Moult Seasons of the British Corvidae - David Holyoak
  • Breeding Statistics and Movements of the Stone Curlew - David Glue & Robert Morgan
  • The Results of Ringing Auks in Britain and Ireland - C.J. Mead


Joseph A. Pease

Editor: H. E. Dresser

Educational Series No. 11

Society for the Protection of Birds


A 5 page guide that covers Stone Curlew, Golden Plover, Grey Plover, Ringed Plover, Lesser Ringed Plover, Kentish Plover, Dotterel and Lapwing. Provides a brief description and information on distribution, numbers, food, characteristics, protection, plus one and a half pages of general remarks.

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