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Books about Tinamou

This page lists books that are totally or partially about Tinamou. The books are listed in order of publication date with the most recent at the top.


Family: Tinamidae

There are 47 species in the Tinamidae family which comprises two subfamilies; Nothurinae and Tinaminae. Five of these species are Nothura, the rest are Tinamou. They are found in Central and South America.


Birds: South America: Non-Passerines

Jorge R. Roderiguez Mata, Francisco Erize and Maurice Rumboll

Collins Field Guide



"The only field guide to illustrate and describe every non-passerine species of bird in South America. This superbly illustrated field guide to the birds of South America covers all the non-passerines (non-perching birds from Divers to Woodpeckers). All plumages for each species are illustrated, including males, females and juveniles. Featuring 1,273 species, the text gives information on key identification features, habitat, and songs and calls. The 156 colour plates appear opposite their relevant text for quick and easy reference. Distribution maps are included, showing where each species can be found and how common it is, to further aid identification. This comprehensive and easy to use guide is a must for all birdwatchers visiting the region."

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Birds Of South America: Non-Passerines

Jorge R. Roderiguez Mata, Francisco Erize and Maurice Rumboll

Princeton Illustrated Checklists

Princeton University Press


"Here in an easy-to-use format is the first guide to the nearly 1,300 species of non-passerine South American birds. It complements Robert Ridgly and Guy Tudor's large reference volumes on the passerines (1,800 species), which will soon be available in a single-volume field guide format. One of things that makes this book special is its use of masterful and alluring illustrations; most neotropical birders will want the book for the illustrations alone. The text concentrates on the key identification features of each species and follows the layout of other books in this series. The book may be used in conjunction with regional and country field guides."

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Ratites and Tinamous: Tinamidae, Rheidae, Dromaiidae, Casuariidae, Apterygidae, Struthionidae

Stephen Davies

Colour plates: Michael. J Bamford

Oxford University Press


336 pages, 12 colour plates, numerous maps and tables

"The book covers the evolution, biology and natural history of the group of flightless birds that includes ostriches, emus, cassowaries and kiwis - the Ratites and their relatives, the Tinamous. It reviews the scientific studies that have been made of their ecology, behaviour, physiology, husbandary, evolution, mythology and conservation. Each of the 55 species is described in detail, with maps of the present known distribution, accounts their food and nesting habits, calls, field identification, habitat and relationship with humans, including farming. It is the first such comprehensive account of the groups since 1877, and the first to bring together comprehensive information about the tinamous, little known birds of the America. It reviews the long debated subject of the evolution of these groups, highlighting new evidence that has turned many old theories on their head."

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Handbook of the Birds of the World, Vol. 1: Ostrich to Ducks

Edited by Josep Del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott and Jordi Sargatal

Lynx Edicions


640 pages, 67 colour plates, 200 colour photos, 550 distribution maps.

"This volume covers: ostrich, rheas, cassowaries, emu, kiwis, tinamous, penguins, divers, grebes, albatrosses, petrels & shearwaters, storm- and diving-petrels, tropicbirds, pelicans, gannets & boobies, cormorants, darters, frigatebirds, herons, hamerkop, storks, shoebill, ibises and spoonbills, flamingos, screamers, ducks, geese and swans."

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Catalogue Of The Chenomorphae, Crypturi and Ratitae In The Collection Of The British Museum

Catalogue Of The Birds In The British Museum, Volume XXVII

T. Salvadori

19 colour plates: J. Smit, J.G. Keulemans

Printed By Order Of The Trustees

Sold by: Longman & Co.; B. Quaritch; Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co.; and at the British Museum (Natural History)



"The numbers of the species of Birds treated of in this Volume, and of the specimens at present in the Collection, are as follows: Chenomorphae, 205; Crypturi, 65; Ratitae. 26. In none of the preceding volumes has the number of desiderata been so small as in the present; only eight species of the Anseres, seven of the Tinamous, and four of the Ratitae being entirely unrepresented by specimens in the Museum. Beside the 67 types of recognized species, the Collection contains 25 other typical specimens which are now regarded as referable to species previously named and described. The unrivalled collection of Tinamous formed by Messrs. Godman and Salvin, and supplemented by the loan of numerous specimens from Continental Museums, has enabled the author to discriminate considerably more species than his predecessors were inclined to admit. The Hon. Walter Rothschild, whose collection of Apteryx far surpasses that in the British Museum, has given most valuable assistance in the preparation of this Catalogue by lending these as well as other specimens to the author. The present volume concludes the series of the 'Catalogue of Birds.' Thanks to the energy with which Count Salvadori has applied himself to the work, its publication precedes that of Volumes 24, 25, and 26. However, it will be followed immediately by Volume 25, which contains the Gulls and Petrels, while it is a matter of regret that no such prospect can be held out as regards the other two volumes. In a final volume it is intended to give a supplementary list of the species described since the publication of the several volumes, and an Index to the whole work."
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