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American Birding Association:
Monographs in Field Ornithology

This page lists books published by the American Birding Association series of Monographs in Field Ornithology which started in xxxx.

The books are listed by publication date with the most recent at the top.

American Birding Association

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Birds of the Baja California Peninsula: Status, Distribution, and Taxonomy

Editor: Richard A. Erickson and Steve N. G. Howell

Monographs in Field Ornithology No. 3

American Birding Association


Eight papers dealing with biogeography, taxonomy, status and distribution of the birds of Baja California.

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Flight-feather Molt Patterns and Age in North American Owls

Peter Pyle

Monographs in Field Ornithology No. 2

American Birding Association


"Patterns of flight-feather replacement together with differences in shape pattern & wear vary considerably with age & species of North American owls. In this study 2,429 specimens of all 19 species were examined to assess moult patterns & differences between juvenile & adult flight feathers & the value of these criteria for ageing."

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Status, Distribution and Biogeography of the Birds of Paraguay

Floyd E. Hayes

Monographs in Field Ornithology No. 1

American Birding Association


"The first comprehensive review on the birds in Paraguay in more than 50 years, this book summarizes the status, relative abundance and distribution of 645 species of birds in seven geographical regions and analyzes the historic factors affecting their distribution."

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Last updated January 2017