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Books about Nottinghamshire birds and birdwatching in Nottinghamshire

The books are arranged by publication date with the most recent at the top of the page.

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Taking Flight: The Birds of Langford Lowfields

Michael Warren

Foreword: Simon Barnes

Mascot Media


"Mascot Media has published renowned bird artist Michael Warren's second book of colourful sketches from Langford Lowfields, the Nottinghamshire sand and gravel pit being transformed into the newest RSPB reserve. Mike has been sketching the growing number of species (latest count 189) attracted to Langford Lowfields every month since 1989, with this second volume, 'Taking Flight: the Birds of Langford Lowfields', including his monthly sketches from 1999-2014, completing his artistic record of this important wildlife project. Printed in the UK and containing more than 190 pages of MIke's stunning work, 'Taking Flight' includes a foreword by Simon Barnes, who explains that "Mike can make birds live again. Not just the shape and the colours; the movement, the attitude, the moving spirit. He can do this with an elaborate painting, but for me its all the more vivid when done suggested, hinted at with a few deft and thoughtful lines."

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The Status of Birds in Nottinghamshire

Jason Reece

Illustrations: Chris Orgill

Hoopoe Press


"This book provides an outline of the status of birds in the county up to December 2007. Details given include all bird species which have been recorded up to December 2007; the first and last dates for migrants; significant site counts; rare vagrants and key birding sites."

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Exploring Woodland: Peak District and Central England

The Woodland Trust

Frances Lincoln


"Exploring Woodland is a series of guides from the Woodland Trust that describe and illustrate 101 woodland sites in different parts of the UK. Ilustrated with site maps and photographs, these are the essential woodland guides for all tree lovers. Both privately owned and public woods are included in the guides. There is a map of each site and information on how to find it, the type of woodland, the facilities available and what to look out for on your visit, including the wildlife that you may meet there. All sites have been visited by independent researchers so that the information in each book is up-to-date. Exploring Woodland: Peak District and Central England covers the ancient woodland of the central counties of England from South Yorkshire through Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and the Peak District to Leicestershire, and east to Lincolnshire. It includes Sherwood Forest, perhaps England's best-known forest of all."

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Where to Watch Birds: East Midlands

Rob Fray

Christopher Helm


"The five counties covered in this guide (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire) comprise natural and man-made areas as diverse as the Wash, Rutland Water and Sherwood Forest. Famous migration hot spots are found on the Lincolnshire coast, while the river valleys of the Humber, Trent, Welland and Nene all atttract a wide range of species. Following the series format, each of the 49 major sites is dealt with in detail, providing information on habitat, access, best times of the year to visit and the species likely to be encountered. Maps and line drawings enhance this exhaustive text."

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Langford Lowfields 1989-99

Michael Warren

Arlequin Press


"A series of paintings and sketches of wildlife which document the formation of new habitats as a series of gravel pits are transformed into a nature reserve."

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Where to Watch Birds: East Midlands

Graham Catley

Christopher Helm


"This volume is one in a series that shows where to watch birds in the UK and Ireland. Covering the counties of Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, it indicates 49 major sites and other areas of interest. It covers both man-made and natural habitats."

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The rare and scarce birds of Nottinghamshire

Keith Naylor

Privately published


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The Nature Of Nottinghamshire

The Wildlife And Ecology Of The County

Richard Marquiss

Barracuda Books


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The Birds of Clumber Park

Austen Dobbs

The National Trust


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The Birds of Nottinghamshire

Editor: Austen Dobbs for the Trent Valley Bird Watchers

David & Charles


"This County bird book brings the record of Nottinghamshire's ornithology up to dateand presents it in an easily usable form for today's large numbers of birdwatchers - whether local, visiting or just interested in birds anywhere. The systematic list, the first comprehensive one since 1907, is designed to answer the innumerable questions on arrival and departure times of migrants, on recorded visits by rarities, or changes in numbers or distribution. In the earlier chapters, the county's various habitats and their bird populations are discussed and this concentrated look at a limited area gives an unusually sharp picture of the status and problems of bird life today, on how density and distribution are affected by the ever-faster rate of change resulting from man's activities."

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A Bird-Watcher In Nottinghamshire

J Staton

Illustrations: Roland Green

Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds


One of a series of short booklets about birdwatching in English counties.

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Notes on the birds of Nottinghamshire

J.I.S. Whitaker

Walter Black & Co


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Descriptive List Of The Birds Of Nottinghamshire

W.J. Sterland & J. Whitaker

William Gouk


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The Birds of Sherwood Forest: with notes on their habits, nesting and migrations

W.J. Sterland

With four illustrations by the author

L. Reeve & Co


From the preface:

"THE substance of the following pages originally appeared in the well-known natural history columns of the Field newspaper, during the years 1865-6 and 7. They were fortunate in attracting considerable attention, and in eliciting from numerous readers a wish for their separate publication. With some diffidence I now comply with that desire, for my little work makes no pretension to be an exhaustive history of the birds it treats upon, but is a simple record of the results of twenty years' observations in a district of great natural interest. My occupations took me much out of doors, and I omitted no opportunity of jotting down every fact that came under my notice, that might bear on the life-history of our feathered friends. Some of my notes are but bare records of the occurrence of a species; others I trust may be found to possess a fuller interest. I have carefully revised the original papers, and have added much additional information, the result of later observations. The introductory chapter on the forest will, I hope, give my readers some idea of the district in which my labours have been carried on."
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